What Is The Purpose They Do Not Care

Is it true?

This all started when I got an email from an Armenian lady in Geneva. She wanted more patriotic songs on this site, she also wanted them translated. It dawned on me, they don't understand and/or can not read in Armenian. Who is going to tell them what it was all about. They are Armenians and they do deserve the right to know what is being an Armenian all about.

William Saroyan describes us "... it is simply in the nature of an Armenian to study, to learn, to question, to speculate, to discover, to invent, to revise, to restore, to preserve, to make, and to give."

While I was growing up and still a teenager, I was taught. I was given a torch and told it was my duty to pass it on the generations yet to come. Well, it is my turn to pass on that torch to the next generation.

I do browse the internet often, I see Armenian sites come and go. A spark here and a spark there, maybe someday this site will be gone too. Yes, we do have a liberated and Free Armenia. Thank You Lord and Thank You a lot of honorable people who gave their life for it.

Even though this site is my baby, it is for you, it does have a purpose. Like a good farmer I will saw the seeds and wait. In Armenian centers like Beirut and Los Angeles, this is not necessary. However, how about all the other youth out there, spread around the world, do they know what it is all about? Do they know who are Christopher, Rosdom, Zavarian, General Antranig, General Tro, and thousands of other people, heroes, who gave their life without any hesitance for the liberation of the country called Armenia.

They hear patriotic songs. Does a tear start building in their eye? Does their heart start pounding? They are not sitting in a hall in Anjar or Bourdj Hammoud, Lebanon and discussing how it must have been like. They are not in Melkonian Educational Institute in Cyprus, being thought the Armenian language and history.

My intentions are to write a little bit about everyone, it is a job, I know, but I also know that it has to be done. So many memories, so much knowledge, so many stories, it should not be wasted. This is not for you lucky guys that know it all. This is for the young man or lady out there, in Texas, in Ohio, in Quebec, in Australia, in India, in China and yes, as weird as it may sound, in Turkey, who don't have access and or don't know about it at all except that they are Armenian.

I am done, but I have to say this too. While researching and doing my home work for these pages, I was shocked how many intellectuals we lost in 1915. We know they were here because of their works, but every time I got to date of death, I found 1915 to be a very popular year to die. So I say to myself, the world wants proof that Turks tried to erase Armenians from this earth, what was with 1915 when just about all our intellectuals were murdered.

I am Armenian, I do have history, I belong to the first Christian nation, we do have our own Alphabet and Language, and we do have heroes that deserve not to be forgotten.

Maybe when you are sitting with a group of Armenians and some one mentions Christopher or Tro, Antranig or Simon Zavarian, or you are listening to an Armenian patriotic song and hear a name in the song, you will know about the hero, the person that the song was written about.

Hovagim Demirdjian.

ps. Your assistance is most welcome. Don't criticize, instead help me make it better.

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Your assistance is most welcome. Don't criticize, instead help me make it better.



Your assistance is most welcome. Don't criticize, instead help me make it better.

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