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Bourj Hammoud (or Burj Hammud) (Armenian: Պուրճ Համուտ, Arabic: برج حموﺪ) is a suburb in east Beirut, Lebanon in the Metn district. The suburb is heavily populated by Armenians as it is where most survivors of the Armenian Genocide settled. Bourj Hammoud is an industrious area and is one of the most densely-populated cities in the Middle East.


The new urban neighborhoods built in Lebanon in the 1930s, located between Bourdj Hammoud and Dora: Nor Adana

Ariel view of the camps in Beirut. The broad field in the southwest was the site of the "Big Camp," destroyed by the 1933 fire. The three camps of Yozgat, Karantina-Amanus, and Maslakh form a horizontal line to the north. 


View of Bourdj Hammoud, Lebanon in in 1932

Bourdj Hammoud around 1920, before the construction of urban neighborhoods there

The Pareshen neighborhood in Bourdj Hammoud in the 1930s

Nor Hajin

Nor Marash's church

The "White Homes" in Ashrafiye

The first houses being built in Bourdj Hammoud's Nor Marash neighborhood

The AGBU's Garmirian School, located north of Beirut, in Debbayeh

The Gullabashen neighborhood of Bourdj Hammoud

Nor Marash


Orphanage in Jbeil


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