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Bourj Hammoud (or Burj Hammud) (Armenian: Պուրճ Համուտ, Arabic: برج حموﺪ) is a suburb in east Beirut, Lebanon in the Metn district. The suburb is heavily populated by Armenians as it is where most survivors of the Armenian Genocide settled. Bourj Hammoud is an industrious area and is one of the most densely-populated cities in the Middle East.

St. Vartan Church

Bourdj Hamoud by Berdj.

Bourdj Hamoud

Bourj Hammoud - Arax Street


Bourj Hammoud - Beirut


Jinishian Center Bourj Hammoud Lebanon

Karagheusian Center in Bourdj Hammoud Lebanon

Armenian old people's home in Lebanon

Armenian Genocide Monument. Bikfaya Mount  Lebanon

Bourdj Hammoud

Bourj Hammoud - Armenian Catholic St. Savior (Sourp Pergitch) Church

Bourdj Hammoud

Armenian Cemetry


My favorite Falafel sandwich shop of childhood

I was Born here.

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