Armenian Poetry

As I went through my Elementary and High school education in Anjar, Lebanon, and Melkonian Education Institute in Cyprus, I was taught and I studied Armenian poetry. Even after almost 30 years these poems have not been forgotten. I often find the words coming out of my mouth from nowhere. I guess Silva Gaboodigian was imprinted in my brain pretty good when she wrote "even if you forget your Mother, don't forget your Armenian mother language".

From my experience, I know you have tried to find them around the internet. So here I am offering them to you, hopefully as time goes by, you will find these pages growing in number.

I am posting them in a format where you don't need any extra fonts to be able to view these poems. I have noticed a lot of you do not have Armenian fonts installed on your computers.

Now, as to all my dear friends who visit this site but do not know how to read in Armenian, the language that Mesrob Mashdotz gave it to us, I am sorry, I may translate it for you if you send me an email requesting it, but it is poetry in Armenian and however hard we try, you lose the power of the words and their meaning.

I dedicate these to all  Teachers and specially the Teachers of  the Armenian language, who work so hard for so little, their dedication is phenomenal. Thank you.

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