(Stephen Zorian)


Born in Tzghna village of Koghtni. Attends the Village Administration college of Moscow.

A cofounder and an activist of Armenian Revolutionary Federation. Moves to Geneva where he manages the Troshag magazine, as the editor. As an organizer, pretending to be a tea pot salesman, lives in Garin where he establishes student unions.

Settles in Bulgaria, to create cooperation between ARF and the Macedonian Revolutionaries. Establishes an Armenian school there.

During the Constitution days he moves to Garin. In 1914, when the First World War explodes upon the scene, he moves to Europe and than to Caucasus. Visits the liberated Vasbouragan, and than destroyed Garin, where he manages to save pictures and manuscripts.
Represents ARF during the International Socialist convention. Directs the fights of self defense in Bakou, after the disastrous results, moves to Iran with thousands of Armenians and than to Caucasus. He tries to stop the Armenian-Georgian war.

Rosdom dies sick at the age of 52, before seeing the Liberated and Free Armenia, like his friends and cofounders of ARF, Christopher and Zavarian.



Translated  for my friends who can not read in Armenian, but want to know our Humble Heroes. I apologize for my shortcoming and your comments or corrections are most welcome.

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